The Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara claims to be a major breakthrough in the Mascara industry, which in my lifetime I never heard or saw of such a mascara. Hence why I was so intrigued. Also, as I am a law student, I got a major kick when I read that the innovation has a patent pending! Rimmel is very serious about this new creation, you guys.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I saw the ads from Rimmel about the Volume Shake mascara, I was very intrigued. So of course when I was buying my meds from chemist warehouse and saw that it was on sale, I bought it to try it and see for myself. Unfortunately the mascara did not work out for me, but i see its potential of it being an innovative or a breakthrough in the mascara industry. I am definitely looking forward to a second version of it, that hopefully fixes my issues with it.

As usual with my mascara reviews, I have had it open for at least 3 weeks. For this time around, I actually have had it open for 6 weeks now and the main reason was because I was waiting for it to dry a bit and spoiler alert this is my main issue with this mascara. It is a very wet mascara!


Innovation or Gimmick

In regards to whether the new technology of having the shaker to shake the product to keep it clump free when needed, I can see it being very effective but with a much dryer formula. In my experience, a mascara that tends to clumps is usually a mousse or thick/dry formula and this Rimmel mascara is a very wet mascara. So this new technology is almost useless because of the formula that they combined it with.

I actually discovered something else that in my opinion is very innovative and they do not advertise it (see the Picture below this paragraph)! Forget the shaker inside the bottle, at the position of where the stopper is usually there, there are ridges that i have found is very helpful to scrap off excess mascara without making a mess. if you are the type of person that scrapes of your mascara on the top edge of your mascara or on a tissue paper, you will enjoy this new innovation. As it would means less mess and no mascara is wasted.

New innovative stopper?

In my opinion, this new innovation from Rimmel is innovative but needs editing. I don’t think it is a gimmick. I really hope they could take this feedback and come up with a better version 2. I honestly think if they simply change the formula into a drier formula that is not too dry that it sticks inside the shaker mechanism, they would strike gold.

Alas, I doubt they read my blog. So, if you were wondering how this current version performs, read below to find my full thoughts.


I was testing it out a lot the first 2 weeks, but as it is a very wet mascara, I haven’t been using it that often. Especially as the past month has been a bit crazy for me and I needed to use makeup products that were fool proof. So maybe if you were opening it everyday you might have a different outcome and maybe it might get drier for you.


  • It doesn’t smudge or flake.
  • It is a very wet mascara, so if you like a wet mascara, then you will enjoy it. personally for me this is a con.
  • I personally enjoy the new stopper mechanism that enables me to scrape off excess product.
  • It is easy to cocktail it with other mascaras. In my experience, it is easier to build volume by using a wet mascara over a dry layer of mascara, but it has to be a good wet mascara to do so without clumping badly. This one works in this manner.
  • It is relatively easy to remove at night. It is not the easiest as I have used other mascaras that are removed super easily. But it is also not a tug of war, with my lashes being the rope (like benefit they are real mascara!) .
  • It gives moderate length.
  • It is a very black formula.
  • It is a natural bristle wand, which i personally prefer as it is softer on my eyes and doesn’t poke my tightline/waterline.


  • It is such a wet formula that it transfers everywhere with me as it takes a while to dry.
  • It should have dried a bit by now in my opinion. But if you are the type of person who loves a freshly opened tube of mascara and absolutely hates it when it started to dry out a bit, you might actually love this mascara.
  • I personally look for volume in my mascaras, and it is hard to build volume with this mascara alone.
  • It is ok on the bottom lash line. Sometimes, it was messy.
  • The shake mechanism doesn’t really function, as it is better suited combined with a dry formula and this mascara has a wet formula. if anything, it makes the formula more wet which is not what I want!
My bare lashes
One coat of Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara
Two coats of the Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara


Rimmel is a very affordable drugstore makeup brand and I am happy to see that, even though it is a new innovative product it is not grossly priced. You get 9 ml for $ 18.95 AUD. Also, fun fact they also recommend that you shouldn’t use it for more than 12 months, where usually other mascaras only mention 6 months. I personally don’t like keeping my mascaras open for more than 4 months, but if you follow their recommendation, you can keep it open for 12 months.

Do you usually prefer a wet or dry formula?