I just picked this baby up from Mecca Maxima yesterday. I was so happy to find it in stock in my local Mecca, as I have seen that it was out of stock online and most stores. This palette is so beautiful that it inspired me to make a blog post even though currently it might be hard to get it. However, the Unfiltered II cheek Palette is still in stock so part of this review is relevant for it as well. Here are my thoughts on it so far:


You get amazing value for the money you pay. You get 6 x 3.5g or 0.12 Oz different shades of blushes for $85 AUD. A single Nars blush currently costs $44 for 4.8g of product. So doing the math, you are essentially getting 4.4 blushes for the price of less than 2 blushes! This is crazy good value. Information was taken from the product and the Mecca Maxima Website.

Shade selection:

In my opinion, the shade selection of Unfiltered I is better than the Unfiltered II. Even though Unfiltered II has shades that I would usually gravitate to and can wear on a daily basis, they seem to be quite similar to each other and only suit people with light and fair skin tones. While I think that unfiltered I can suit more skin tones and the shades are quite different from one another. So even though I have a fair-light skin tone, I still prefer the Unfiltered I palette.

Also, I quite like that in Unfiltered I  it seems like it has 1 highlighter, 4 blushes and a shimmery bronzer/blush. Which makes it more appealing for me as I won’t have to use a seperate highlighter when I use this palette.

The best thing about blush palettes is that you can conveniently mix the shades to create different shades. Since the Unfiltered I has significantly different shades, I can only imagine how diverse the combination can be when mixing those shades.

Formula and Swatches:

Nars Unfiltered I Cheek Palette swatches

I have only swatched them so far, so I can only attest to how pigmented they swatch, but I have found that the red i.e. Exhibit A and the deep purple i.e. Chic, stained my fingers and arms so staying power looks promising!

I will be using the palette exclusively for this week so  I can determine how I feel about the formula and how long wearing it is. Also, as I will be adding it to my weekly makeup basket this week, I will have a review on it on Saturday on my instagarm. I will try to update this as well.

Update after 2 weeks: I have used each shade at least once and I have to admit Nars blush formula is worth the hype and then some! I was blown away by how well Exhibit A blended on my cheeks, it sheered out to a coral pink on me as opposed to a bright red. I found that all the shades lasted on my cheeks so well, 14+ hours. I personally did not like the shade Watch Me as a highlighter as it shifts a strong dark yellow on me, but I enjoyed  mixing it with other shades like Exhibit A to make a light shimmery coral. I was also surprised that the shade Takeover was a stunning blush. At first I thought it would only work as a bronzer, but on the cheeks it became a pretty neutral shimmery blush with a pink touch! So stunning! I actually wish this shade was sold as a single as it became my favourite shade in the palette.


The packaging is sleek and compact. The blush pans are a decent size so a normal blush brush fits in them quite well. Also, it isn’t the usual Nars velvet packaging that attracts a lot of grime. However, the shiny orange surface holds fingerprints like no other! I still like the packaging as it is functional and compact yet still pretty.


I am still to test the quality, but I am impressed with the shade selection and value you get for what you pay for. Even though Unfiltered I is almost out of stock, it is worth it to hunt it down. Also, unfiltered II is still in stock online and most stores, so if you never tried a Nars blush like me this might be a good time as you get an amazing value for your money!