Brand Background:

Amie skincare just recently launched in Priceline, Australia. It is originally a UK brand and it is currently available to the UK, Europe, Ireland and Australia. Hopefully, it hits the US market as well.

I was introduced to the brand through the Priceline Goody Bag offer that was running in November 2016. I purchased 3 products along with other products from other brands to qualify for the Goody bag and received one Amie product inside the goody bag.

Their products are:

  • dermatological tested
  • pH-balanced
  • Paraben free
  • mineral oil free and petrochemicals free
  • free from animal extracts
  • suitable for vegan and vegetarians
  • they don’t test on animals

Amie skincare has simple pastel packaging and are very functional, which is great for the environment. What I love the most is that it is an ethical brand that uses really good ingredients for very affordable prices. Their products range from $6.99 to $9.99 AUD!  This combination is very rare as I usually find such products are quite expensive or hard to find.

Their tag line is that Amie is a natural skincare brand that is naturally kind to your skin, I agree with this and the proof is in the ingredients they use. This information was gathered from the packaging of the Amie products and the Amie website .

Amie Morning Dew – Matte Finish moisturizer:


I picked this up to use especially during the Summer months. In Melbourne, the weather changes drastically from 16 C to 40 C. So even though I have very dry skin, with sometimes an oily nose, I sometimes like to purchase moisturizers for oily skin because moisturizers targeting dry skin are hard to use during such hot months.


  1. Dries quickly and leaves a matte finish. I have been using this Matte finish moisturizer for the past 2 months in the morning before I apply my makeup. I really enjoy it as it is like they say, similar to a Morning dew, it hydrates my skin similar to giving my skin a boost of water but the hydration is not overdone, which is needed during the summer months. It dries quickly, similar to a gel moisturiser, yet it has a small amount of oils mixed in that it kicks in a bit of moisture.
  2. Perfect for summer because it is so cooling. I love how cooling it is, on a 37 c day it was so refreshing to use! it gives my skin a slight moisture and quite a bit of hydration provided that Water is the first ingredient and Glycerin is the second. I love the price point, it is $9.99 for 100 ml, similar to thee Neutrogena skincare range but Amie products contain better ingredients. I agree that it softens and hydrates my skin. However, I would only use it in the morning, at night I would use a heavier moisturizer to fully hydrate my dry skin.


  1. I disagree with their claim that it controls oil. I haven’t seen any difference with my oily nose during the hot weather and I also don’t see which ingredients would help with that. However, different skin will always get different results. Perhaps it is their theory that if your skin gets the right amount of hydration it won’t be as oily? I am not quite sure, but I disagree with this claim.

Amie New leaf Deep Pore – exfoliant Polish


This is the one product that came in the Priceline goody bag and I am so glad it did. I have been also using it the past month and I love this scrub! Compared to the Neutrogena Mulberry scrub that I was using, the Amie one contains better ingredients, same price point but most importantly it works so much better than the Neutrogena one!


  1.  The exfoliating particulars are rice powder, so they are very fine, yet quite effective. They are not plastic beads that would harm our environment, nor are they large apricot seeds that damage the skin. In my opinion they are perfect, at least for me!
  2. The mix of ingredients and oils help the scrub to function well but also leave my skin so soft and hydrated. I have also noticed that my hands are soft and hydrated, which some scrubs leave my hands dry from exfoliating my face. It doesn’t leave an oily residue, just a hydrating feel.
  3. I love the scent, to me it smells like freshly cut ripe mangoes! I personally can’t smell the orange scent. I noticed that in the ingredients there is mango seed butter, which is could be why I feel that the scent is so true. I also noticed that there is Fragrance near the end of the ingredients list. I don’t like a lot of fragrances in my skincare as they are usually full of alcohol, but I personally don’t mind it in scrubs, especially when it smells so true to the fruit!
  4. Price point. You get 100 ml for $8.99 AUD.


  1. The claim that it is deep pore exfoliating. I disagree, I think it is actually a medium strength scrub, where it is not a very soft scrub nor it is a very exfoliating scrub. I personally use it about 3 times a week and still use a more exfoliating scrub or mask once every week or 2 weeks to deep clean my pores.

Morning Light Hydrating Daily Moisturiser and the Exfoliating Daily Wash:

I have yet to open and try both of those products as I have other products open and don’t like to open too many things at the same time. However, they also have the same benefits of a great price point and contain relatively good ingredients. I will do a follow up review on those two products later in the upcoming months.

So, would I recommend Amie Products?

I definitely recommend checking the brand. I was quite skeptical as well, but after reading the ingredients lists and trying some of their products I am very impressed. I would definitely try more of their range. In fact, I will recommend it to my best friend who is vegan and struggles to find vegan skincare at an affordable price!